7 Days to Product Fulfillment Services Success

75,000 product samples in 7 days!

Does that sounds like an impossible product fulfillment services task? For some companies it might be. For FSI, it is just another day at the office. Our product fulfillment services team hit the ground running the day we got that order. This is just another example of how our team pulled together to meet the needs of our clients and achieve product fulfillment services success.

Here’s how this product fulfillment services story unfolded:

• It supported a major product launch at a national meeting held in Las Vegas.

• FSI product fulfillment services received the order to prepare 75,000 product sample packages.

• From start to finish, we had 7 business days to get the packages ready to ship to Vegas for the show and to accommodate residual show orders.

• The result: A total product fulfillment services success story. All of the packages were assembled, packed and shipped in time for the client’s needs. They arrived on time, in pristine condition and the client was thrilled!

At FSI, this is pretty much standard operating procedure for product fulfillment services. Most of our product fulfillment services run on very tight timelines. With very specific delivery dates, event dates or launch dates, there just isn’t a lot of wiggle room associated with product fulfillment services. In order to make sure that we are able to meet the needs of our all of our clients, and more importantly to exceed their expectations, our product fulfillment services team works very hard to partner with our clients throughout the whole process. Working closely with our clients to plan each milestone, and ensure on time delivery of each component of the package guarantees, product fulfillment services success.

To experience your own product fulfillment services success story with FSI, contact our sales team at info@fsifulfillment.com.